Six long-burning premium-grade briquettes in each packet suiatble for all open fires, multi-stoves, wood and log burners

Each briquette: 295mm x 70mm x 70mm

Easy to use and store

Woodlets Briquettes can be broken in half – useful if you have a smaller stove.

  • Heat output: 4.8kWh/kg
  • Moisture content less than 10%
  • Exceeds new Clean Air Quality standards

Woodlets briquettes are a high quality manufactured in the UK and use the same press that was used to make the very popular Verdo briquettes. So very exciting to have a high quality Scottish manufactured briquette once again!

We take our shredded wood, apply 10,000psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure, and out pop briquettes. They are entirely natural – the lignin molecules in the wood melt under the pressure and bind the wood together. They perform fantastically well in wood-burners. One briquette can last up to four hours, and big users will find they save around £150 a year compared to buying conventional logs.


Woodlets Briquettes are Clean Air Act complaint and carry the Ready to Burn badge

Woodlets briquettes (6 in packet)