Biomass firewood

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DECC RHI Biomass Suppliers List: BSL0012233-0004

Firewood specifications:

  • Part to fully seasoned, cut to no more than 50cm length, max moisture content 30% MC, logs max diameter 25cm

  • Please note this timber is generally only suitable for either very large stoves or biomass boilers.

  • Storage instructions firewood should be stored in a well ventilated log store. It is recommended logs are stored for at least 3 months prior to use ensure moisture content is below 20% 

  • Average moisture content will be put on BSL invoice.

  • Firewood all sourced from local sustainable harvested sources from Scottish Highlands

  • Main timber species - pine, spruce, occasionally larch, Douglas fir

  • For more accurate moisture ratings as they fluctuate throughout the year please ask.

Please note that all delivery volume is calculated in cubic meters (m³) which is loose volume as it is in trailer, not stacked volume