Woodlets Pellets

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DECC RHI Biomass Suppliers List: BSL0151855-0004.


Woodlets 6mm wood pellets are available in 10kg bags. 96 bags to a pallet – total weight 960Kg.

Low carbon, premium quality wood pellets made in Scotland from local responsibly managed forests.

Woodlets pellets are premium quality pellets produced to ENplusA1 standard which is the highest standard on the market ensuring maximum energy content with minimum ash removal.
Efficient high energy density and produced to a low moisture content (less than 10%) allowing for high combustion efficiencies.
Low Carbon Woodlets are produced by Land Energy in Girvan, Scotland. Our plant has a Combined Heat and Power system which uses locally sourced, low grade biomass to generate 100% of the electricity and heat energy
required in the wood pellet production process.