Tomatin Firewood

All prices include domestic VAT, commercial invoices can made on request

Free localdelivery within 20 miles (click here for delivery terms)


Please note that we have changed banks to HSBC and new account details on invoices.

Firewood stock update

I would also like to take this moment to urge customers where possible to stock up over the summer to ensure firewood is dry as can be for next season.

We can cut firewood to your specific requirements and can also offer a stacking service.

 Phone: 07527 883 606

Normal hours business is open: Monday - Friday 9am- 5:30pm


Free weekly deliveries on orders over £50 to:

Inverness, Aviemore, Carrbridge, Grantown, Boat of Garten  for firewood, kindling, wood pellets, coal, peat and wood briquettes. 

M &H carriage on pallet products offering delivery options throughout mainland UK (offshore islands additional costs apply).

What we offer:

Why order from Tomatin Firewood? - As a small local business we aim to always be able to carry out a delivery time that is convenient to your requirements. We can deliver promptly, on specific dates and times, and aside from our more personalised service, we offer our customers fantastic prices, giving our customers best overall value for money! 


Our softwood and hardwood firewood is processed and stored into individual 1m³ vented bags on pallets in a large ventilated barn and also outside on pallets with covers over the top to give our customers a consistent quality product. Aside from the processed firewood stock we can also process firewood to your specific requirements. We aim to provide our customers the best quality product for lowest prices.

In addition we stock kiln dried ash in pallets and net bags, naturally air dried firewood in 1.6m3 on pallets as well as net bagged firewood.

Please click here to see firewood page for all the products and prices.

We also stock 50cm firewood for log gasification boilers and are a registered BSL supplier: Please click here for logs for biomass boiler page and pricing.

Wood Pellets

As a registered BSL wood pellet trader we sell and deliver only the top quality A1Enplus wood pellet brands for the lowest prices locally. Cheaper brand pellets can often be manufactured from unsustainable sources or could have larger ash or dust content content which can lead to problems with your boiler. 

We now offer smaller quantities of pellets to customers, please see pellet page for details.

 (Please see pellet page for more details).

Please click here to see wood pellet page and pricing.

Wood Briquettes

Ideal for woodburning stoves and even log gasification boilers,  briquettes have a moisture content under 10% and are around 50% better than hardwood if compared on like for like basis per litre. These can be ordered by pallet, 1/2 pallet or individually. 

We aim to offer the lowest prices from a local supplier.

Please click here to see wood briquette page and pricing.

Kindling and Firestarters

We offer a range of dry quality kindling and firestarters to make lighting the fire a doddle!

Please click here to see kindling and firestarter pricing

Pizza Briquettes

Mundus Viridis pizza briquettes FSC 100%, ÖNORM S1030 for food safety - they are a premium product, made from 90% beech and 10% softwood to produce minimal smoke and soot. In London they are used in a pizza chain Franco Manca, and the main customer base is in Italy. 


  • 1-9 x 15kg packets - £12 per packet
  • 10 packet or more - £10 per packet


We now deliver a range of quality coal productsin 20 & 25kgs bags

Our coal prices are extremely competitive.

Please click here to see coal page and pricing.

 Seasoned Firewood in 60x45cm Net Bags

  •    Dry Softwood cut to 20cm  £5 or £4.5 a bag for 10 bags or more

  •    Dry Hardwood cut to 20cm - £7 or £6 a bag for 10 bags or more- presently out of stock till end of June to allow sufficient drying time

   larger quantities and M&H delivery also available on request

 Kiln Dried Ash cut to 25cm in 10kg bags

  • presently out of stock till end of June
  • Ash Hardwood cut to 25cm - £7 or £6 a bag for 10 bags or more
  • 50 bags or more £5.5 a bag
  • 100 bags or more £5 a bag

Kiln Dried Ash stacked pallet - 1.17m³

(Equivalent to around 1.8m³ loose firewood)

Ash firewood, moisture content below 20%, stacked neatly into wooden crates. Dimensions 1.15m wide x 0.85m breadth x 1.20m height. Weight around 500kg. 

Local delivery 

  • 1 pallet - £210 (tagged to next delivery in area)
  • 2 pallets - £390
  • 3 pallets - £570
  • 4 pallets - £700 

Delivery - please note these pallets are heavy and can only be moved on solid ground on level surfaces once they have been taken off the tiltbed trailer please query if unsure.

Delivery by M&H Carriers

1-2 business day delivery by M&H (may take longer outwith Scotland)

For IV, KW, AB DD and PH postcodes price including delivery:

  • 1 pallet - £220 
  • 2 pallets - £410 
  • 3 pallets - £600

Please note there is additional £10 shipping cost per pallet to the following Scottish postcode areas: DG, EH, FK, G, KA, KY, ML, PA, TD. There is a further £10 shipping cost per pallet to English and Welsh postcodes.

For offshore deliveries please ask for quotations and we will see what we can do.

Please M & H delivery will need a level surface once pallet off loaded or kerbside delivery. If unsure please query.

 Delivering a 4m³ loose softwood tipping load in 10ft x 5ft cage trailer

Please feel free to contact me regarding any comments or suggestions. Many thanks James.