Naturally dried hardwood firewood cut and split to 25cm (under 10") delivered in loose volume. 

There may be some sycamore amongst this, but should consist mainly of beech.

This firewood is processed summer 2022 and will need storage time prior to use.

1m³ of loose 25cm (under 10") Mixed Hardwood

    • The firewood is all processed into individual vented cubic meter bags and then stored and dried naturally in a ventilated barn and also outside on pallets with covers over the top.
    • We aim to dry the firewood as much as possible; normally the moisture content will average under 25%, although at times it can even average under 20%. Firewood is constantly being processed and stacked away with oldest stacks being used for delivery. Please note that in the depths of winter when demand can be very high, stock might not have such long replenishment times and snow and rain can blow into the dutch barn, then the moisture content can be a bit higher.
    • It is highly recommended to stock up a good few months in advance of when you plan to use it to ensure that your firewood is always as dry as possible. If you are planning to use immediately it may also be worth considering kiln dried options, briquettes or net bags.
    • Naturally air dried firewood has lowest carbon footprint