Wood Pellets

Woodlets Wood Pellets 

DECC RHI Biomass Suppliers List: BSL0151855-0004, Woodlets 6mm wood pellets are available in 10kg bags. 96 bags to a pallet – total weight 960Kg.

Pricing (Delivered free within 20 miles)

  • 20 bags - £75 (tagged to next delivery going to area)
  • 48 bags - £170  (tagged to next delivery going to area)
  • 1 Pallet - £310 (delivered free within 20 miles) or £300 (tagged to next delivery going to area)
  • 2 Pallets - £580 (delivered free within 20 miles)

Pallets of pellets can be wheeled straight into your garage using tiltbed trailer and rough terrain pallet truck. Please note that pallet truck is around 5ft wide and cannot be pulled with weight up slopes once off the trailer or across soft ground such as grass or gravel.

Mainland UK delivery

1-2 business day delivery by M&H (may take longer outwith Scotland)

Please note there is additional £10 shipping cost per pallet to the following Scottish postcode areas: DG, EH, FK, G, KA, KY, ML, PA, TD.

Offshore Scotland there is an additional £40 per pallet shipping cost for full pallets only.

For England and Wales and additional £30 shipping cost per pallet.

  • 48 packets (1/2 pallet) - £200
  • 96 packets (full pallet) - £330

Pricing collected

Phone or email in advance to confirm a time. Collections are strictly cash or bank transfer made prior to collection.

  • 10 bags of pellets £35, 20 bags - £67
  • 1 Pallet - £280
  • 2 Pallets - £550

I can move or load using pallet forks; however if your vehicle cannot take a pallet, it will be your responsibility to load it yourself. Please ensure you load your vehicle safely and conform to weight limits.

Woodlets pellets 

Low carbon, premuim quality wood pellets made in Scotland
from local responsibly managed forests.

Woodlets pellets are premium quality pellets produced to ENplusA1 standard which is the highest standard on the market ensuring maximum energy content with minimum ash removal.
High energy density and produced to a low moisture content
(less than 10%) allowing for high combustion efficiencies.
Low Carbon
Woodlets are produced by LandEnergy in Girvan, Scotland. Our plant
has a Combined Heat and Power system which uses locally sourced,
low grade biomass to generate 100% of the electricity and heat energy
required in the wood pellet production process.