Tomatin Firewood

Terms & Conditions:

  1. After an order has been placed at least 24 hours notice is required to cancel prior to the date and time of delivery. This will help avoid an unwanted order from being delivered or loaded onto the trailer prior to delivery, which could result in cancellation or delivery charges.
  2. Once a delivery has arrived, if for any reason the goods do not meet your satisfaction, please raise any concerns at the time and date of delivery. Goods that are left out in the rain or snow may become wet or damaged and once delivered we can no longer be held responsible for.
  3. Should a customer either be unable to pay for an order at time of delivery or decides that they do not accept the goods (which are as described in order) once the goods have arrived to their property or as close as feasibly possible then the customer will be held responsible for any costs incurred in returning the unwanted order.
  4. Should a customer paying by cheque have their cheque refused to be paid by their bank, the customer will be held responsible for ensuring any outstanding balance is settled as well as any bank charges that the business has incurred and may also be charged an administration fee should the matter not be resolved swiftly.
  5. Any outstanding balances that are not paid within 30 days of the order will result in customer being held responsible for any interest or administration charges incurred.