Pizza Briquettes

Pizza Briquettes

Mundus Viridis pizza briquettes FSC 100%, ÖNORM S1030 for food safety - they are a premium product, made from 90% beech and 10% softwood to produce minimal smoke and soot. In London they are used in a pizza chain Franco Manca, and the main customer base is in Italy. 


  • 1-9 x 15kg packets - £12 per packet
  • 10 packet or more - £10 per packet

Hardwood kindling

Naturally dried hardwood offcut kindling in 60 x 45cm net bags - £6.5 per bag or 5 bags for £30. Ltd stock.

Hardwood for pizza ovens

1m3 of loose tipping load hardwood cut thinly to 30cm - £130 - ltd stock