Tomatin Firewood

50cm Logs for Biomass Boilers

DECC RHI Biomass Suppliers List: BSL0012233-0004

  • 4.5m³loose  50cm logs(Just under 20 inches) - £200 (including domestic VAT and delivery within 20 miles)
  • Stacking service (where trailer can be reversed up log store) £15 includingper hour 

Please note that all delivery volume is calculated in cubic meters (m³) which is loose volume as it is in trailer, not stacked volume

We naturally air dry logs but due to the large volumes that biomass customers consume it is not always possible to have logs in stock below recommended 20% moisture content. Average moisture content will be put on BSL invoice.

It ishighly recommended that you keep a stock of at least 6 months in advance (particularly during winter months) to ensure moisture content below 20% recommended for use in boilers.