About Us

About Us

Tomatin Firewood was set up in November 2011 as a farm diversification and since then we have continued to reinvest all the profits made from the business into further upgrading and improving the service. The business team compromises of myself, my wife Kitty, Stuart, and 2 part time helpers.

Most of the timber is bought in by the artic load, sourced from sustainably managed woodlands and timber sourced locally whenever possible. The remainder is harvested sustainably from the woodlands on the farm.

Tomatin Firewood offers customers a personal service, offering quality produce whilst maintaining highly competitive pricing. 

We are always looking for new customers, suppliers or interest, and any suggestions you have are most welcome, so please don't hesitate to get in touch. If you are presently using another supplier we aim to match or beat their prices. 

As oil and electricity continue to rise in price and fossil fuels become increasingly scarce, there is now growing demand  for clean sustainable energy. Burning local, sustainably sourced wood fuel is not only a cheaper option for heating your home, but is also greener. The carbon that is released from burning wood is recovered by replacement trees, making it a carbon neutral source of fuel. Ideally wood should be sourced locally, cutting delivery fuel usage and minimising and the carbon output.